Welcome to Sai Extrumech (P) Ltd.

Sai ExtrumechSai is a worldwide leader in the supply of technologies to the industry of Extruded Wire, Cable, Pipe manufacturing and its related applications, offering a very wide range of Extrusion Lines of excellence for the processing of Thermo-Plastics, Fiber Optic, Halogen_free compounds, including custom-designed Extrusion Lines for specific areas of application as Automotive, Building, energy based power-cables, irrigation, Shaped Extruded Profiles among other fields of application.

Sai's high standards of product quality and efficiency and its capacity to design and develop personalized solutions for various applications, make it one of the most trustworthy and reliable manufacturer among world-leaders in the field of Cable / Wire Extrusion Technologies.

Sai worldwide technological leader in manufacturing of the extrusion lines& Screw & barrels. It manufactures different kind of machines for various kinds of cable manufacturers (house wiring, automobile cable, control cable industry etc.). For the years it has pioneered in providing world class technology and system for cable industries. It is shear hard work, true dedication and utmost determination that have made SAI a renowned name in the cable industry today.

Competence, dynamism and efficiency ensures our ability to offer high quality service and know how at a very competitive price. Thanks to our experience, know, how with the flexibility we are able to offer our equipment adapted to customer needs and economic requirements. Consequently, we are your present and future 'partner' in the cable industry.

In Sai you will find the best solutions to your manufacturing requirements, addressing to an organized, expert and dedicated team.

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