Sai Extrumech


Single Pass Cooling Trough

Multi Pass Cooling Trough

The trough is  made   of  S.S.   304  and  design  consists  of  Telescopic  Trough,  Fix  trough  &Multipass  trough.    The  telescopic  trough  is  movable  and  its  movements  are  adjusted  by hand   wheel.     There   is   one   way   circuit   of   water   between   reservoir   box   and   telescopic trough.    The cable   is guided   over   the   special designed   tray   and   water   is sprayed   over wire.    There  is  height  adjustment  system  for  the  tray  meant  for  different  size  of  wires.

Cooling Trough (Telescopic)
Material : S.S.  304
Type : Multipass
Max.  Cable Size : 10mm2
Width of Cooling Trough : 125mm
Depth of Cooling Trough : 140mm
Length of Cooling Trough : 2000mm
Telescopic Stroke of Cooling Trough : 2000mm
Telescopic Stroke movement : By hand wheel
Water Reservoir : 100 Ltr.
Cooling Type : Spray Cooling
Cooling Trough (Fixed) :  
Width of Fixed Trough : 125mm
Depth of Fixed Trough : 140mm
Length of Fixed Trough : 9000mm


Multipass  Cooling  Trough  enables  more  cooling  time  to  cable  in  water. The  wire  is  guided  over  special  design  Nylon  Roller,  which  are  height Adjustable. The  wire  passes  through  Aluminum  casted  pulleys  which  are  free  rotating  pulleys.

Cooling Trough (Multipass)
Material : S.S.  304
Size of Wheel : 600mm
No.  Of free pulley : 2+2
No.  Of passes  : 2+2
Length of Multipass Trough : 8000mm