Sai Extrumech

Pay Off And takeup

Pay OffThis traversing type unit allows to keep the cable straight at all times during the haul off process.
Bobbin load/unload, locking/unlocking and traversing operations are fully motorized.

When using dual pay off/take up, the front stand can be moved aside from the machine's center line, allowing to used the rear stand thus getting a continuous run.

The machine is provided with MMI+PLC control system for pre-setting traversing pitch and for drum speed control.

When using large cable, the pay off can be equipped with a speed detecting dancer for speed synchronization.

The  pay  off  system  is  a  necessity  for  continuous  production.    Two  housings  made  of  mild  steel  iron are  so  placed  that  the  out  let  of  the  wire  comes  in  the  centre.    The  inner  end  of  the  wire  and  the  starting  endof  the  full  reel  are  led  out  of  a  horizontal  slot  of  the  housing  and  welded  together,  thus  ensuring  a  continuousrun.
Each  housing  is  equipped  with  a  reel  lifting  carriage  containing  the  mandrel  for  the  reels,  the  flyer  disk  and the  AC  motor.   The  wire  is  paid  off  via  the  flange  of  the  non-rotating  reel  which  is  lifted  on  the  spindle   driven by  a  reversible  three  phase  AC  motor.   The  motor  is  fed  via  a  plug-in  cable  from  the  control  board.

  • Reel lifting by electro lifting spindle.
  • Activation by switch
  • A flexible connection allows a traveling path of 2.5m
  • Each reel carriage is equipped with a braked wheel, which allows blocking the trolley.

Travel drive for reel carriages movable by an AC motor.

At the Pay off housing a wire change detection is mounted.   The device gives a signal if a reel change is necessary to have continuous production.

Dual  Take  up

The  Automatic  Dual  Take  up  is  a  robust  structure  enabling  the  continuous  production  of  wire without  stopping  for  change  over  of  bobbin.    The  complete  structure  is  guarded  for  operator  protection.    The complete  system  is  Pintle  type  and  bobbin  loading  &  unloading  system  is  taken  care  by  sensor  actuatedcarriage  system  which  is  motor  driven.   The  locking  &  unlocking  of  bobbin  is  also  actuated  by  sensors.

The  smooth  automatic  changeover  of  wire  winding  from  one  bobbin  to  another  bobbin  ensures  that  no  time  is wasted  in  changing  the  loaded  bobbin  and  placing  the  empty  bobbin.

Dual Takeup

The  accurate  catcher  system  along with  effective  cutter  provides  Customer  an  unmatched  ease  of  operation  at all  speed  and  for  all  wire  range.

The  system  is  driven  by  high  torque  AC  frequency  motors  which  take  care  of  wide  range  of  torque  required to  run  different   wires  product  mix.    The  smooth  braking  system  ensures  that   wire  tension  does  not  get disturbed  while  stopping  the  driven  bobbin.

The  precision  traversing  system  ensures  the  perfect  winding  of  wire  on  bobbin  of  any  pitch.    The  entire system  is  actuated  and  protected  through  sensors  at  every  stage.

Type : Pintle type
Size of bobbin : 630mm
Max. Width : 475mm
Barrel dia : 350mm
Max. Speed : 600 Meter/Min
Max. Size of Cable : 6mm Dia
Loading/Unloading : Automatic
Bobbin holding : Pintle
Change over : Automatic
Cutting of wire : Automatic
Drive : 2NO 8 KW AC Frequency Variable
TRAVERSE : Adjustable Driven by 1.1KW AC Frequency variable Drive.